• The fighting force will our effective driving force

    The fighting force will our effective driving force

    Starting in January 2020, an infectious disease called “Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia” has occurred in Wuhan, China. The epidemic touched the hearts of people all over the world, in the face of the epidemic, Chinese people up and down the country, are actively fighti...
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  • 2019 QingDao (China)Retail exhibition

    2019 qingdao (China)Retail exhibition 2019 qingdao retail exhibition nanfeng cold-chain new product  inverter unit had a brand new appearancet the inverter unit can save 40% energy and with low noise. it is a very popular product
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  • Shanghai Taisbeanadh Eadar-nàiseanta

    Shanghai Taisbeanadh Eadar-nàiseanta

    Tha trì làithean ann an 2019 Shanghai Eadar-nàiseanta reòthadairean Taisbeanadh thàinig gu crìch air 14mh, April.In an Taisbeanadh, Taizhou Nanfeng Fuar-Chain CO., LTD bha ann gu tur ùr a "28mh linn fuarachaidh Taisbeanadh Eadar-nàiseanta." Tha mòran de na stuthan ann an exhibition.DC fan fuarachadh dluthadh ...
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